£83,000 Raised so far - £7000 to go!

Build Teacher

November 02, 2016

After 11 months of amazing fundraising for Nayamba School, we are well on our way to reaching the target total of £90,000 with enormous improvements being made to Nayamba school thanks to the generosity of so many people in and around Exeter and further afield. The continued support and imaginative money-raising ideas of everyone involved, in addition to the generous donation of £30,000 from the Estelle Trust, has meant that life-changing opportunities have been made possible for the children of Nayamba School.

However, we desperately need to keep the effort going and raise the extra £7k to build the essential toilet block and handwashing facilities. There are now over 300 children at the school each day and they have one drop hole for the girls and another for the boys; each day water is brought on a tractor for essentials with a single tap. It is vital to the health of the children that this situation is improved urgently.

It really is incredible to realise the difference the past few months has made. Six new classrooms have now been built and furnished so that, in total, seven different grade classes are being taught for full days at a time. Before the new classrooms were built, the school only had the capacity to allow children to attend school for half a day, with teachers teaching one grade in the morning and another grade in the afternoon. Another major development has been the setting up of the pre-school and the building of seven new teachers’ houses. Teachers are now able to live on site rather than having to walk long distances to the school each day. As well as all the building work, the food programme is still being funded so that 300 children a day can eat a simple but enriched, nutritious porridge-type meal. All that remains to be built is the sanitation block for the children to use – and hopefully we can raise enough money to fund this by the end of 2016.

Last month’s fundraising events included the ‘Call My Bluff Wine Tasting’ evening (organised by Simon and Libby) and a film day (organised by Gary and Abi Wheatley). 

As a celebration of all the fantastic things that have been achieved with the 100% Nayamba Campaign, including the charity events, generous donations and the ongoing sponsorship, we will be holding a New Years Eve party at the Victory Hall from 7.30 until late. There will be a disco, food and licensed bar. It would be great to see as many of you there as possible but numbers are limited so buy your tickets early by emailing or texting 07977 419636. Advanced tickets (before 31.11.16) cost £12.50; tickets bought after this date will cost £15.00.

As a final note, if anyone is stuck for Christmas present ideas for discerning friends and relatives, we could have the perfect solution. From January 2017, we need new sponsors to fund grade 8 and 9 students. Sponsorship costs £25.00 per month, which will pay for the child’s teacher and for essential resources as the child moves through the older grades of school. Each sponsor will receive a profile of their sponsored student and termly updates.