Check out our 100 Heroes’ fundraising feats

Honey 2

May 21, 2016

It costs just £5000 to build a new classroom at Nayamba School so if 100 children raise £50 each, we can start building. Since we began the 100 heroes campaign three months ago, the first heroes have completed their challenges and the foundations of the classroom they’re helping to build have been laid!


As you can see from the pictures, there’s still lots more building to be done, so if you’re up for a challenge, become one of our 100 heroes today. To get involved, simply ask an adult to email their name, your name and your school’s name to info@nayamba We will send you all the details you need to begin fundraising. To kick start your fundraising ideas, check out how our first Nayamba Hero, Honey Forty, got started...

Honey Forty, age 9



“Everyone knows that I’m a chatterbox, so I thought I’d be able to raise lots of money by doing a sponsored silence. I asked people to sponsor me to stay silent for three hours at school – it was hard! I didn’t raise quite enough money to reach my £50 target so my brother, Joe, who is 5-years-old, gave me his birthday and Christmas money to add to my total.

“I feel really proud and happy that we can help the children in Nayamba School. We have all these wonderful things like clean water from the tap and an oven that can cook all our food but they have none of that. I think it is unfair for them. It’s about sharing – it’s good to share.”


Since Honey’s challenge more fantastic fundraising has been completed. Here’s how some of our other heroes raised money:


Hayden Botes set up an online raffle with his mum, Antonia.


Sam Westcott and Frankie Dunbabin completed a sponsored run along Exeter quay.


Hattie Benthall and Sophie Thomas ran all the way to Exeter library (without even stopping to tie shoe laces!).


Jasmine Smith cycled 10 miles and her brother Hayden danced to 10 songs in a row.


Chloe and Finley Snell scootered eight miles to raise £160.


Ava McAndrews did a one mile run.


Mia Pestridge and Alex Wheatley gave up screens for (a very long) five days.


More sponsorship money is coming in every day and you can find out how the latest Nayamba heroes have raised their funds by checking out our facebook page: We still need lots more heroes - and if you complete your fundraising challenge before 31st May, the money will be doubled by a match funder. This means that Nayamba School will receive twice as much money so that they can do twice as much building!