Fantastic news from The John Casson Foundation!

John Casson

November 21, 2016

We have just heard that the John Casson Foundation is to donate £5000 in 2017 to pay for two teachers at Nayamba School! This will make a huge difference to the children, especially since we have just more than doubled the number of staff in order to facilitate each grade being able to attend full days with their own teacher.  The John Casson Foundation supports the development of young people both in the UK and around the world through grants and project management advice.

Earlier this year, Richard Pike, one of the Nayamba School Trustees, approached John Casson for advice about developing our sponsorship programmes. John talked to the trustees about how his Foundation has evolved their long relationship with St Mary’s School in India. He shared his expertise about communications, agreeing budgets and implementing new projects and initiatives. In common with the Nayamba Trust, all donations made to the John Casson Foundation go in full to the selected worthy cause.

In September 2016, John Casson and his wife, Jenny, made a self-funded visit to Nayamba School. This gave them an even greater insight into the school’s current situation and it means that John can talk to the Nayamba Trustees about his findings and recommendations. 

The combination of a £5000 donation and expert advice from the John Casson Foundation is great news for all at Nayamba School. Check out to discover more about the amazing work the Foundation is doing around the world. We are still looking for regular givers who would be able to give £15 a month and 100% of this will go directly to Nayamba School. In return you will be linked with a grade and recieve termly updates from their teacher and examples of the learning the children have been doing. If you would like more information please contact us.

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