“I chopped off my plaits for Nayamba School!”


June 10, 2016

Last month, we featured some of the fantastic fundraising feats children have completed to raise money for a new classroom at Nayamba School. Since then we’ve been amazed by the continued determination (and creativity!) of the 100 heroes to raise money for the building project. The latest sponsored events have included: cake sales; cleaning the beach; a 50km cycle ride; collecting small change and taking on household chores. Today we spoke to five year-old Florence Follows, from Exminster Primary School, about her hair-raising challenge...

“When I heard that the children in Nayamba School needed a new classroom, I wanted to help them,” Florence told us. “I decided to help raise money by cutting my hair. My hair was long and it used to tickle me. I had to have it in plaits at school so that it didn’t get knotted, and it took a long time for mummy to plait it in the morning. Before I went to the hairdresser, mummy said it was OK if I wanted to change my mind about having my plaits cut off. But I was excited and I still wanted to do it.

“When my friends saw my short hair, they said I looked different and they liked it. Now it is quick for me to get ready for school. All I have to do is put a hairband in my hair (my sparkly blue one is my favourite).

“My friends and family sponsored me £150 to have my hair cut and I’m proud that I raised money to help build the classroom. I want the children at Nayamba School to have a colourful classroom like mine and I want them to have whiteboards.”

Not only has Florence raised money for Nayamba, but she has donated her hair to The Little Princess Trust, a charity which provides real hair wigs for children suffering with hair loss through cancer treatment. Before donating her hair, Florence brought her plaits into school to explain what she had done. “Her pigtails were surprisingly heavy!” Mr Slingsby, Florence’s teacher, told us. “It’s an amazing thing to do and Florence has inspired other children in the class to help Nayamba School.”

Florence’s £150 has been match-funded so £300 will go directly to the Nayamba building project (and because of our 100% model, none of it will be used in administration fees). Remember, you can find out how the latest Nayamba heroes have raised money by checking out our facebook page: We still need 43 more heroes, so if these ideas inspire you, join our 100 heroes campaign by asking an adult to email their name, your name and your school’s name to It costs just £5000 to build a classroom at Nayamba School so if 100 heroes raise £50 each, we can keep building. Every one of the 100 heroes will have a plaque with their name on it attached to the wall of the classroom that they have helped to build. They will receive a certificate and a photograph of their plaque on the wall. Happy fundraising!