The Pike Family visit Nayamba School


April 17, 2016

The Pike family, from Exminster, have returned from their week-long trip to Nayamba School. Richard and Karen Pike have both made separate trips to the school in previous years, but this time they made the decision to take their children, James (17) and Aimee (14), with them. “Supporting Nayamba School has been such a big part of our lives over the last few years, so we wanted to show our children why it was so important to us and help them realise how we can have a really positive impact on other people,” explained Richard. “Karen and I knew that visiting Nayamba School would give James and Aimee an important grounding (and help them to realise there’s more to life than What’s App and the X box!). The kids over there have so little: they even make their own footballs from plastic bags. But one thing that struck us all is that you don’t see sad kids. They’re always smiling. This experience has given Aimee and James a different perspective on life, and helped them understand why we’re so invested in the project.”

The Pikes’ visit coincided with exciting developments in the next stage of the building project at the school, and they were on hand to discuss important decisions about the build. Richard drew up the contract for Daniel, the builder, as well as agreeing the finances and scrutinising plans for the new classrooms. Karen told us, “Daniel is very hard working and he is keen to build a good reputation in the area. Along with his team, he is staying on site until the build is finished, which means that work can begin promptly at 8am every day. While we were there, Daniel dug the foundations by hand in less than two days, despite the searing heat and intense humidity. The time frame for the each house and classroom is very tight – just five weeks per building.”

Since starting the 100% Nayamba campaign in January, £46,000 has been raised out of the £90,000 needed to build the five new classrooms and teachers’ accommodation at the school. “During our trip, it was a real privilege to see exactly how all the fantastic fundraising efforts are making a real difference to the children,” explained Karen, “and also to see how the fundraising will make the school more sustainable. Because the Nayamba charity is run on a 100% model, we have absolutely zero expenses so we can see how much impact every donation makes. For example, a friend donated £20 and asked us to buy maps for each classroom. I was able to spend all her donation on the maps and take them out to Zambia with me. The direct link is so important. Precious, one of the Nayamba teachers, told me, ‘It makes such a difference to know we have people from another country helping and caring.’’’

Obviously it will be really hard work to raise the rest of the money needed to complete the building of the five classrooms but we’re determined to get there! Until the end of May we have a unique opportunity to double every pound donated by a match funder. This means that if you are able to donate £50, the amount will be matched, giving us £100 to send to the school. Check out the 'Get Involved' section of the website to find out more about how you can help. We will be posting regular updates about ways to fundraise and we'll be revealing more details about the Pikes’ trip.

[NB. All visits to the school are self-funded. Individuals pay for their own flights, accommodation costs and expenses. All donations go directly to the school with no administration fees and no paid charity workers.]


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