Meet some of our new staff

Teaching Team

March 29, 2017

Here is a photo of some of our new staff with a lady who was visiting from Italy. The new teachers at Nayamba school have settled in really well and are very enthusiastic about being able to teach single age classes in the recently built classrooms. We thought you’d like to get to know them a bit better, so in this month’s Scene, we have interviewed Professor (one of the teacher’s first names) and Fasten.

Introducing Professor:

Teaching is in my genes. Both my parents are retired teachers and four out of my ten siblings are teachers in Government schools. One of my brothers is doing a doctorate at the University of Zambia.

On 26th September 2016, I graduated. I completed my teacher training in primary education at the Immaculata College of Education in Kabwe.

Fabulous and fantastic is the way I would describe my experience of teaching at Nayamba school so far! I really enjoy encouraging my learners to actively participate in lessons.

Moral values are important. I aim to teach values as well as academic subjects.

I enjoy teaching all subjects. If I had to pick one subject, it would be in the area of CTS (Creative and Technology Studies).

At the weekends, I read novels (based on adventure and exploration), plays, school books and I also enjoy spending time with my family.

Introducing Fasten:

Nayamba school has improved hugely in terms of infrastructure. When I was coming for interviews, six new classrooms were still just building blocks but now I am actually teaching in one of the new classrooms and the teachers’ accommodation has also been completed.

One of the children drew a beautiful picture of our new classroom. Underneath it they wrote, ‘I love my new classroom’. We are all proud of the school.

My best lesson so far was based on technology. I wanted the children to learn about entrepreneurship in technology and my lesson involved them having to explain why they want to be involved in particular businesses when they leave school. All the children participated fully so I think they must have enjoyed it!

It is a privilege to teach here. I teach the grade seven class and I really enjoy it. It is very interesting to help the children learn.