“I can see clearly!”

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August 01, 2018

Recently, we reported that a retired GP and nurse had introduced sight and hearing screening at Nayamba school. Here’s a quick update on developments since their visit.

The health screening has had a fantastic impact on the Nayamba community, and the lives of several children have been transformed. The school can now screen children’s sight and hearing on site, and refer any ‘at risk’ children for follow up support, including glasses and hearing aids.  Children with significant impairments have been identified, who had previously been struggling undiagnosed in the classroom. George, 14, is over the moon with his new glasses. “They are so good!” he told us, “Now I can see my textbooks really clearly. I had been getting bad headaches before, but now they have gone.” Many others like George are now able to enjoy using the books that have been donated to the school. “It will make such a difference to these children now that they can properly learn with their friends.” said Anja, one of the volunteer school directors.