Nayamba's new term postponed

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January 16, 2018

As you’ve probably heard, Zambia is currently experiencing a national epidemic of cholera. In a bid to stem the spread of the illness, the Government ordered the closure of all schools, including Nayamba. Click here to see a video that was used to teach the children of Nayamba about Cholera and how to avoid spreading it. Fortunately, the outbreak is now showing signs of slowing and the number of new cases has halved. This means that the teachers at Nayamba school are looking forward to reopening soon. They have planned an exciting start to the new term: an awards event for children who have achieved academically or who have shown a really good attitude to learning. Parents will be able to attend the event and join in the celebrations. 

This year, our Grade 7 children have done fantastically well in their national tests. Seventeen children passed the Grade 7 test, which is a significant educational milestone as it allows pupils to be accepted onto the two year GCSE equivalent course. Just one of the Grade 7 children didn’t pass the test but she has only been at Nayamba school for a term, and she will have the chance to retake the exam.  

Back in Exminster, the Monthly Bags volunteers have made great progress with sewing sanitary protection for the Nayamba schoolgirls. Over 100 shields have already been made and, during our next session, we will focus on cutting and sewing the drawstring bags. We still need donations of dark coloured brushed cotton or flannelette. If you are able to spare a couple of hours to help cut, pin, iron or sew, the next meeting will be at Exminster Chapel on 18th February from 3pm – 5pm.  

We are currently looking for someone who would be willing to give an hour a week as an admin volunteer for the Nayamba charity. Are you able to help with our growing database, send emails and support the charity through social media etc? If you are interested in helping with this aspect of the project and being a part of our growing team, please contact for more information. 

Above is a photo of Misheck, one of our pupils who recently passed his Grade 7 tests with flying colours.