Shoes for Christmas

Exminster Leavers 07174

January 02, 2018

What did you get for Christmas? A new pair of Nike trainers or perhaps a glittery pair of heels, guaranteed to make your feet ache on New Year’s Eve. This Christmas, Nayamba School received a special delivery from Exminster Primary School. At the end of the summer term, pupils who wished to (and whose parents were willing) walked out of school barefoot, leaving behind their school shoes to be donated to a child at Nayamba who currently comes to school every day with no shoes. 

After much organising - cleaning, polishing, re lacing, packing - the shoes were ready for shipping. Then came the challenges of shipping crates, import regulations, mysterious Zambian documents that needed official signatures and approvals etc. 

We are delighted to announce that these all arrived just before Christmas and will be given out to our most in need pupils at the start of our new term. Zambia is in the middle of its rainy season, and with many of our children walking 2 hours to school and back, these shoes will be a real help. 

Huge thanks to everyone who made this happen, and especially to the Exminster pupils who were willing to give something of theirs up to help another child 7000 miles away. As you walk to school next term in your school shoes, spare a thought for the child that is walking to Nayamba in yours too.