Priorities for 2017

Sanitation Facilities

Following on from our 100% Nayamba project in 2016 we are currently completing fundraising for the capital expenses to build sanitation blocks for the students who attend Nayamba School. Currently they have a single drophole for each sex and this is woefully inadequate for this recently expanded school. Since the borehole on site also dried up and despite countless attempts to reinstate it, the school is also reliant on a daily delivery of water in a bowzer from the nearby Nagwaza farm. We have successfully found water at a new site, a short distance from the school which will be pumped to the school using a solar pump. This water will provide essential water for the school itself and the staff homes surrounding it. We will be adding handwashing facilities with running water as well as designated toilet blocks for boys and girls. 

Build up our Nayamba Family

Since the school has now expanded we now have 11 teachers (including 3 preschool teachers, a headteacher and deputy head) who, together cover from preschool to Grade 8. We also have roughly 300 pupils who attend daily and are given an enriched porridge through our food programme. We are delighted to now be able to offer every pupil in every grade a teacher of their own and a hot meal each day but this means our monthly running costs are greatly increased. In 2017, one of our core priorities is to build up a family of regular sponsors who care about Nayamba and want 100% of their monthly donations to go there and make a difference to the lives of our Nayamba Children. You can direct your money to one of our sponsorship packages starting from £15 a month or you can give monthly and we will direct your money to the greatest need at the time (salaries, resources, food etc). All monthly givers will receive termly updates from us about how your money has been making a difference including letters and photos directly from the school. For more information click here.

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Previous Projects

100% Nayamba Campaign

Our campaign for 2016 was to make Nayamba School 100% complete as a primary school and we guaranteed 100% of your donations to achieve this. See our video for more information. In order to have a complete primary school we needed 5 more classrooms so we could have a classroom for each grade of the school and a designated preschool. We also needed houses for these teachers to live in and a sanitation block for the children, teachers and their families to use. We had an ambitious target of £90,000 (See breakdown of costs) but with so much help, with grants and with a series of fundraising events we reached £85,000 by the end of the year. 

100 Heroes

In 2016 we launched a campaign where you could become a HERO for Nayamba School, and children from all over Devon found creative ways to raise at least £53 each and together they raise the £5000 needed to build a whole classroom at the school. In return they received a certificate of thanks from the School and their name now appears on a plaque in the classroom that they helped to build. They also received a photo of the classroom and the children who can now learn in it. 

Food Programme

We are continuing to work hard in order to raise sufficient funds to give every single child in Nayamba School a hot, nutritious meal, each and every day. Initially, we set the food programme up to run for a whole year, using some of the funds that we had raised to provide staff to cook and serve the food and clean up afterwards. Also, the cooking and serving equipment and the food itself which is a porridge that is enriched with all the minerals and vitamins that a growing child needs to be healthy. We now need to maintain the running of this fantastic food program on an on-going basis using donations that we receive. If you would like to give some money towards our food program, please click here

Classroom Renovations and Resources

During a visit to Nayamba School in September 2015, eight of our enthusiastic volunteers completed the latest renovations in the classrooms. When we were first involved with Nayamba School, the classrooms were in one large, bare breeze-block building. Over the years, the building has been bricked up, cemented and plastered, dividing it in to three distinct classrooms. The classrooms now have glass in the windows and paintings and murals on the walls. There are now lots of fresh, new chalk-boards too, for both the teachers and the children to use. Desks have been repainted, and additional items of furniture have been added. We have provided the school with a massive amount of learning resources; from books and pencils, to number squares and posters, from sports bibs to world maps, and a multitude of other items.

Teachers' Accomodation

When we first got involved with Nayamba School, the teachers were travelling ridiculous distances each day in order to work at the school. All this travelling was impacting on their time in class. So, we raised sufficient funds to build three basic, brick-built houses on the actual school site, for the teachers, and their families, to live in. These buildings alone have made a massive difference to the amount of teaching the children can receive in a day and to the quality of life for the teachers themselves. Because the teachers now live on-site, they have been able to run a night school using the school’s classrooms, thereby providing adult education for some of the children’s parents. 

Solar Appeal, Christmas 2013

In Zambia, simple lighting can literally change lives. When we first became involved with Nayamba School, the children were trying to do homework in the evenings and some of the children were suffering from nasty burns because the only source of power available to families for lighting their houses after daylight hours were kerosene lamps or candles. Some houses had even burnt down due to the use of these dangerous light sources. With the help and support from Solar Aid, a UK and Zambian based charity, and funds that we raised, we were able to buy safe, top quality, integrated solar light units that run for 4 hours on a single charge and have an expected life of four years. We raised sufficient funds to purchase one of these lights for every child at Nayamba School. In addition, we were able to fit a small solar unit in to the school office and linked classroom. This enabled the school to run some adult literacy and numeracy classes in the evenings, for some of the parents of Nayamba Schools’ pupils who have not been given the opportunity to learn before now.

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