Great Grade 7 results and more new year news!

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February 15, 2019

We are so proud of our children at Nayamba School in Grades 7 and 9 for working incredibly hard during their national tests. Their results were fantastic: 100% pass rate for all our students who sat their exams in the autumn! One of our Grade 7 children even achieved the equivalent of an A**. Grade 7 is comparable to the end of KS3 in the UK system, while the Grade 9 exam is the Zambian version of GCSE level. These fantastic results reflect the positive outcomes of all the interventions put in place over the last few years, the continuing commitment of our teacher sponsors and the outstanding levels of teacher training.

For children who are ready to leave Nayamba School, there will soon be opportunities to join the on-site trade centre. We are currently applying for a grant to set up the sewing section of the trade centre, where the skills of dying, weaving and sewing fabric will be taught. Longer term, the trade centre will be able to produce a range of fabric items such as throws, cushions, rugs and scarves, which can be sold to generate income for further trade apprenticeships and for the school itself. We already have a link with high-end tourist lodges, who are keen to use traditional Zambian fabrics and locally produced goods in their accommodation.

We are very pleased to have a highly qualified school leader who is donating a year of her time to set up and embed the management of the trade centre. She has twenty years of school management and leadership experience and is currently working at an international school in Bahrain. Prior to that she worked in three Devon schools and also spent two years in Rwanda as a VSO teacher trainer.
Closer to home, we had a wonderful turnout for the first in the latest round of Monthly Bags workshops, organised by Kim Raines. The washable sanitary towels and health education training were so well received during our last visit to Nayamba, that we couldn’t meet all the requests for monthly bags. A men’s sexual health workshop is planned for our next visit in June, during which we will also give each male participant one of the Monthly Bags to pass on to their partner. If you want to help continue the work done at Nayamba, please consider donating here. Our 100% model means that every penny of every donation goes directly to making a difference in the school.