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Nayamba School was established on Nagwaza Farm in the Chisamba district of Zambia by the farm owners. It was established to educate the children of the families working on all the surrounding farms because there was no school close enough or affordable. This wonderful free school has attracted many children from the surrounding area. The number of children attending daily now exceeds 350.

The school was initially for primary ages pupils and consisted of 3 classrooms and one small office. The school was having to offer half day timetables in order to provide education for grades 1-7. It now consists of 9 classrooms, a preschool, kitchen, staff room and a library space. We can now offer education from early years to GCSE equivalent level. We have also built accommodation for all teaching staff so they are able to live on site. (Given it's rural location, there were no local accommodation options.) We have a caretaker, who maintains the grounds and buildings, and a cook, who provides a hot enriched porridge for every pupil each day. We have also built a playground, football pitch and netball court for the children to enjoy. The school follows the Zambian curriculum and pupils of each grade can now have their own classroom and teacher each day. In 2020 we added a Trade Centre to our project, offering apprenticeship opportunities for our students after they finish Nayamba School. We hope, as this initiative grows, it will be a source of income for the school as well as providing training and employment for the surrounding community.

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We believe that education can transform whole communities, and that is why we want Nayamba School to be able to provide an outstanding free education to any child in the community who wishes to attend. Nayamba School is already becoming the hub of the community, with the church using the building at weekends and the new library, but this is just the beginning. Alongside the children's education we want to run adult literacy and numeracy evening classes as well as workshops that tackle health and social issues that the families face. We now also provide secondary education and have established a social enterprise business whose profits go into helping the school cover its ongoing running costs. This business also provides essential apprenticeship opportunities for young adults. We now want to develop the apprenticeship opportunities for our students. There is also a significant need for local health services and so we long to see a small clinic on site providing basic health care and advice as well as vaccination and sexual health support.

In order for us to move towards this vision our first steps were to improve and expand the infrastructure of the school. For the learners to be given the best possible education they needed to be able to have their own classroom for their grade for a complete day. We now have 9 Grades and our preschool and need regular donors who would be willing to commit to supporting our teacher salary commitments as without our fabulous teachers the building works are worthless. We also value our food programme which ensures pupils basic nutritional needs are met; it also encourages pupils to attend regularly and pupils are more focussed to learn when they are not hungry. While we seek grants and fundraise for additional infrastructure capital costs we need individuals who can commit, month in, month out, to help us meet these essential running costs. This is also a great way to get stuck in to the school as you can join for live zoom chats and get regular updates to see how you are making a difference. To find out more about how you could help as a regular giver click here.

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