Get Involved

There are so many ways that you can get involved and help Nayamba School. Which way will you pick?


In previous years we have run a range of fundraising events from auctions to wine tastings to gunging teachers at our local primary school. Why not join our team or come to our next event?

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Give Regularly

Our greatest concern is to cover the ongoing running costs of the school. In order to do this and give security to our teachers we need people who are willing to commit to the school on a regular basis. We do not set a minimum or maximum for being a regular giver - we know our supporters will give what they can, so if you could commit to giving a small amount every month, that would be amazing. As a regular giver you also get to meet our staff and students each term on Zoom if you would like to, as well as regular updates on how things are progressing at the school via email.

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Fancy a Challenge

Why not challenge yourself to do something awesome and get sponsorship for Nayamba School. We have already had people who have run far too far, given up speaking, screens and even chocolate for far too long and raising money for us. You can even link your event to our CAF online fundraising page. What challenge are you ready for?

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Visit the School

Volunteers fully fund their own trip and also cover the expenses of the resources needed to make the trip a success. One feature of every trip is bringing new reading books for the children and the highlight for all our volunteers is simply being able to spend time sitting with the children, reading to them and helping them to read to you. Would you like to have the trip of a lifetime?

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Tell the Story

These are children playing on play equipment at Nayamba School for the very first time. Going to the park and having play equipment in our communities is such a simple thing that we take for granted but, thanks to UK fundraising, we have been able to make this happen at Nayamba. There are so many amazing things happening at the school that people just don't know about. We need friends who will tell others and spread the word. Who could you take the Nayamba message to?

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Open your Address Book

Perhaps you do not feel confident speaking yourself but you are excited by this school and the fact that 100% of your giving goes directly to it. We can send you a simple email that you can forward or print and send to all of your address book, with details of the school, our social media links and how your friends and family could join you in making a difference. Will you open your address book for us?

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Why not watch some of our volunteers in action at the school?

Aerial footage from one of our visits

A teacher team visit

One of our first trips

Make a difference

So far the school has been able to make a big difference in the community. Help us and give now.

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