Family fun day!

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December 01, 2019

We have a mixed bag of news from Nayamba school this month. Firstly, on a sombre note, the school is facing new financial challenges due to the knock-on effect from the downturn of the Zambian economy. Lots of local businesses are really struggling and we have lost some of our Zambian donors (who were helping to pay teacher salaries) because they are in financial difficulties. This means that in order to be able to maintain our existing staffing levels, we desperately need to find sponsorship for three more teachers. Regular donors are particularly needed: you can give as little or as much as you are able. Perhaps you are part of a small company who would like to contribute to funding a teacher. When you give to Nayamba school, you are giving the most precious gift that will change the lives of a generation to come.

On a more positive note, we are awaiting news of a grant award to fund the equipment and initial staffing costs for the new Nayamba Trade Centre. The Trade Centre offers apprenticeships to some of the Nayamba children and will eventually help the project become more self-sustaining through its small business model.

The school is also impacting the local community through a Family Fun Day. Children and parents will be invited to the school for a morning of information sessions, which will include: adult literacy, the school’s approach to behaviour management, men’s health, menstrual hygiene, girls’ rights and more. It won’t all be learning though – there will be a chance to participate in music, games and sports too.

We also want to tell you about Esther, a parent of one of the pupils at Nayamba. She is bright, engaged and passionate about girls’ rights (including the right to have a childhood free from pregnancy, marriage and sexual abuse). Esther has started volunteering at Girls’ Club, which is run at the school by our deputy head teacher, Sera. It is fantastic to see such enthusiastic involvement from a local parent.

Finally, although it seems a long way off at the moment, please save the date - March 21st evening – for our Nayamba Auction at the Kenn Centre. There will be lots of great prizes to bid on and a wonderful three course meal with licensed bar. Tickets available soon!

If you are able to donate to Nayamba School either as a regular giver or through an occasional fundraising activity, we would love to have your support. We run a 100% model, which means that every penny donated is used directly to support the school - no administration fees or overheads are deducted.