Opportunity to become a monthly giver

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May 01, 2020

At the time of writing, Zambia is now deeply uncertain about the impact of C19 in their communities. After weeks of daily cases in the single digits, May has seen new daily cases rise above 100 for the first time although thankfully, none have been reported so far amongst the Nayamba community. We wait to hear if this affects the government plan to reopen schools at the beginning of June. As you can imagine, this is all deeply concerning. There is no potential for children to continue to access their learning at home. They have no technology, they have no power, they have no books or other resources. Were the school to provide resource packs for students, this would require them to travel long distances to collect and therefore also break the lockdown protocol, putting them at further risk. There are no government support initiatives such as the furlough scheme or local food banks and water supply is hugely limited. In short - please remember our Nayamba community and if you pray, pray for them.

We received a lovely video from our deputy head teacher sending us all in Exminster, their love as they know how badly the UK is being affected. Type in this link to see it:

Here, in the UK, the charity has already seen a large drop in our income. Some corporate sponsorship has been suspended and one-off donations from things like sponsored events (which makes up over half of our annual income) has dropped dramatically as a result of the Covid-19 virus. Thankfully, the charity had built up some reserves which will help enormously over the coming months. However, we are facing some very challenging decisions regarding the operation of the school next year and the imminent launch of the trade centre which is now almost complete.

We are therefore looking for additional people who would be willing to join our monthly giving plan. This group currently has 38 people who give what they can every month. We guarantee every penny we receive goes directly to the school to cover our essential costs of staffing and very basic resources. We do not offer one to one sponsorship anymore, as this led to some children receiving letters and small gifts and others not. We are sure you would agree that this inequality is not something we would want at Nayamba. However, unlike other charitable sponsorship schemes, alongside regular updates from the school, with news of what the pupils are learning and regular glimpses into their daily life, we are now also offering Zoom gatherings where you can join us online and have a virtual tour of the school and meet the teachers for yourselves. You can send in your questions too! We have other regular givers with an interest in a particular school subject and we have been able to share with them the Zambian curriculum we follow and they have enjoyed providing resources to help these be taught. Simply click here to sign up

If you would like to know more, we would love to hear from you. Please give us a call (833701) or email