Looking ahead despite the challenges of the pandemic.

November 30, 2021

“Worrying about the past doesn’t help; we must look ahead!” says Sera, headteacher of Nayamba school, when asked about the disruption that the Covid pandemic has caused to children’s education. “The pandemic has taught us we have to rise up again after falling down because we can still change the future through education.” However, it will take a while for Nayamba School’s passionate teaching team to help all the students to catch up. One big challenge is that the students have not just missed out on months of learning but also that some children have forgotten a lot of what they learned before the pandemic. During the absence from school, the Nayamba students had no access to online learning and their difficult living conditions meant there was very little that they could do from home. The teachers are addressing these issues in the most creative ways possible.

Meanwhile the preschool and reception class are enjoying their new tables and chairs, which will help them practise their fine motor skills more easily. Also, we have added limited internet access to the school, and we are planning to add a library in order to enable the students to access a wider range of studying and learning.

Teachers, Evidence and Reuben, are working on an exciting honeybee project as part of the Nayamba Green Campaign. The project address deforestation, reforestation, honey making as an income and skills training for students and parents alike.

What is the Big Give Christmas Challenge?

The Christmas Challenge (the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign) helps UK-registered charities to raise funds for their projects by doubling donations when the campaign goes live, between 30th November – 7th December.

We are fundraising to build a preschool building at Nayamba, as they are currently having to use a room in a house. We would love to give them a purpose-built space with an outdoor play room as well. Please look out in social media and save up donations for that week!