Some of our 2021 projects...

Establishing our Trade Centre

After completing all the building works this year we have been training our first cohort of apprentices in textiles. Alongside tailoring skills, they have been mastering our wonderful weaving looms. We have been delighted with their progress and hope to have items for sale very soon.

New Water Supply

With so many staff and families living on site, not to mention our 350+ students each day, we were really struggling sustain a water supply from our old borehole. With the help of Mission Geeks, a Zambian based charity who link projects with experts and help secure funding, we now have a new borehole tapped into a plentiful water supply! Read more @

Playground Improvements

After a very tough year with Covid restrictions, we have been able to fund a lovely new piece of play equipment for our pupils to enjoy. It has been brilliant watching all the imaginative play that this inspires and hearing so many shrieks of delight.

2020 Projects

Building a Trade Centre

It has been our dream for many years to create a trade centre alongside Nayamba School and in 2019 we have begun turning this into a reality. This not-for-profit social enterprise will be a place for apprentices to learn a trade and we will be particularly supporting the most vulnerable older girls within the community.

Self sustaining for Nayamba's future

On site we will have weaving, sewing and soap making as well as carpentry and metal work within the local workshops. Graduates from the programme will be offered micro loans to be able to set up their own enterprises and there will also be employment opportunities within the centre itself.

Recent Projects

Sports Spectacular

Thanks to Grand Haven running club whose sponsored running event has allowed us to begin works for designated sporting facilities for the students of Nayamba. PE is not a part of the Zambian curriculum but we recognise all the benefits to our students. With these funds we are able to create a netball court, football pitch with running track and other athletics facilities as well as a sports store and ablutions block. We hope to also be a blessing to local schools hosting inter school competitions.

Health education and girl empowerment

Last year we introduced a programme of health education and girl empowerment, for both the pupils and their families. This included the introduction of our monthly bag project using Ruby cups, an initiative which proved highly successful. During the last year there have been regular sewing workshops in the UK and over the next year we hope to make the project locally sustainable with donated sewing machines being used to teach the girls and their mothers the necessary skills.

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Previous Projects

100% Nayamba Campaign

Our campaign for 2016 was to make Nayamba School 100% complete as a primary school and we guaranteed 100% of your donations to achieve this. See our video for more information. Through fundraising and grants, £90,000 was raised to create 5 classrooms, houses for teachers and a sanitation block.

100 Heroes

In 2016 we launched a campaign where you could become a HERO for Nayamba School, and children from all over Devon found creative ways to raise at least £53 each and together they raise the £5000 needed to build a whole classroom at the school. Their names now appears on a plaque in the classroom that they helped to build.

Food Programme

We continue to work hard to give every single child in Nayamba School a hot, nutritious meal, each and every day. Initially, we set the food programme up to run for a whole year. We now need to maintain the running of this fantastic food program on an on-going basis using donations that we receive. If you would like to give some money towards our food program, please click here

Classroom Renovations and Resources

In September 2015, eight of our enthusiastic volunteers completed the latest renovations in the classrooms. The building was divided into three distinct classrooms, glass was added to the windows and paintings and murals on the walls. New chalk-boards were added, desks repainted, and additional items of furniture added. A large amount of learning resources were also provided.

Teachers' Accomodation

When we first got involved with Nayamba School, the teachers were travelling ridiculous distances each day in order to work at the school. All this travelling was impacting on their time in class. So, we raised sufficient funds to build three basic, brick-built houses on the actual school site, for the teachers, and their families, to live in.

Solar Appeal, Christmas 2013

In Zambia, simple lighting can literally change lives. With the help and support from Solar Aid, a UK and Zambian based charity, and funds that we raised, we were able to buy safe, top quality, integrated solar light units that run for 4 hours on a single charge and have an expected life of four years. We raised sufficient funds to purchase one of these lights for every child at Nayamba School.

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